Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You Are What You Eat And It Could Be Killing You

Good afternoon readers!

Last week I shared with the readers at Ancient Eyes For Current Times (AEFCT) the story regarding Pizza Hut's cheese that is farmed out to your children in the schools.. and the potential that what is being used on these pizzas could harm your child!

In THIS week's news... (oh and get ready to gag--)

Congress Bill Takes Rights To Know What's In Your Food
The problem with this situation, is that there have been some astute states and watchdogs that have worked VERY HARD, to make sure that the food industry must disclose what is in the food you eat, and at what amount. If this bill passes, say goodbye to knowing what GMO foods you are ingesting, what possible carcinogens and toxins are in it!

New Cancer Study Obligates FDA To Recall Aspartame
That problem with Aspartame will just *NOT GO AWAY!*
As AEFCT has spoken about before, Aspartame should have never BEEN cleared for public consumption to begin with, IMHO!
They maneuvered, manipulated and worked around all the rules and regs to make it happen.. now as the degenerative diseases and cancers are being linked with the ingestion of Aspartame, there is a growing call from those in the holistic health industry as well as in the western medical industry to take a closer look at and/or removing Aspartame from the market of our food and drinks.

Okay.. so great right?
What do we do with all the people that have been ingesting it for YEARS?
By the Gallons?
By the product, after product, after "lose the fat" product.. ??

In today's news a 12 year old Science Student found that:

Fast Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water!
12 year old in Florida conducts science fair test and finds that the ice that your fast food drinks are served with is more filthy then the toilet bowl water in the same fast food restaurants!

Folks its time to start thinking CLEARLY about the issues that are slipping by with such regularity

(Albeit, that will be hard to *DO* given the Aspartame and MSG and Formaldehyde and Rocket fuel that are already pickling and damaging our brains as it is!)

You are what you eat, America.. and the fact is its beginning to kill you.

So think about it as you eat that:

genetically modified hamburger bun
that contains the
bovine growth hormone hamburger,
served to perfection with
the lettuce that grew via water with rocketfuel in it
garnished with MSG laden ketchup and condiments
formaldehyde producing cheese

Oh and while you're at it:

Have some sugary gluten frenchfries that were fried in the oil that is NOT what it was claimed to be
then wash it all down with an
Aspartame Diet Drink
that is pleasantly chilled with
ice that is 70% more bacteria laden then toilet water!

On your way to see your PCP who has ordered a cardiac stress test, blood tests to check those triglyceride levels and the disturbing amount of ecoli in your system and wants to schedule a CAT scan and Mammogram to figure out just what those nasty little 'lumps' are!
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