Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cut and Run: Democrat Policy in Iraq

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OK, I'm tired of the idiocy. Here on the Balance of Power, I rarely use this language, but this time it fits. I would love for someone to tell me exactly how we would benefit from pulling out of Iraq right now.

In the last week Rep. John Murtha called for the immediate removal of our troops from Iraq. Now I respect Rep. Murtha's service, he is a decorated Vietnam Vet, but as a current member of the military, who is actively involved in this particular conflict, I would have to adamantly disagree with Rep. Murtha.

We are at a juncture right now, Iraq is on the verge of democracy, so why in the world would we stop now. We are just mere moments from achieving our goals, why would we cut and run now. It seems that the militaries adversarial relationship with the press has taken it's toll on Rep. Murtha's perception of reality. This whole movement smacks of partisan politics to me. It doesn't even stand up to the most favorable of scrutiny.

Whether or not you believe that we should have gone to war, whether or not you think this is a just war, you must agree on a basic level that we should not pull out of a military operation before it has reached it's objective. The ramifications of that are enormous. Simply put, Iraq would fall completely to the terrorists, and the area would become more unstable than ever. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

Rep. Murtha says many of those troops are demoralized and poorly equipped and, after more than two years of war, are impeding Iraq's progress toward stability and self-governance. (source) It is plain to see, having been one of those troops on the ground that Rep. Murtha doesn't know what he is talking about. The only reason this war is becoming anything that even faintly resembles a quagmire, is because Rep. Murtha and his fellow Congressmen (Mostly Democrats) are trying to run this war from the rotunda in Washington. Please for the love of all that is good, Congressmen, will you please SHUT UP, and let the Generals run the war, and you go do what you do best, Make more unnecessary laws.

Zaphriel - Zaphriel's Blog

Zaph, first its good to have you riding high in the saddle again, partner! :0) Welcome back.. now.. on with the show!

I would not call the request for America to get out of Iraq an 'idiocy'. Actually, I think Rep Murtha spoke for a whole lot of the nation in his remarks of this week. Rep. Murtha is not only a Vietnam Vet (which would seem to sort of say he's only 'waxing nostalgic' ) but also of Korea as well. In short, he's a man who's seen a lot of war in his time, a lot of the inner machinations of the "War Machine" and a whole lot of the politics that is driving it both as a military man AND as a politician.

Let us say that he has a view of the 'inside' of this War- more then most of us may have-- yes, even those serving in the military. He's privy to a lot of information that not only the military but the general public may not have the whole picture of just yet.

First, I would like to draw up the language of your topic: "We are at a juncture right now, Iraq is on the verge of democracy, so why in the world would we stop now."
Now, "WE" seems to say that it is our duty as Americans to support, defend, liberate, conglomerate, dictate to Iraq what it will and will not become. This just seems to smack of audacity and Western thinking. Iraq belongs to Iraq, not America. What they do for themselves and on their own behalf is far more important than what WE do for them and on their behalf. It's as if we are saying these are an incapable people -- if we don't lead them by the hand and say "Now do this.. yes.. very good. Now do no, do it the Western way.. yes.. very good." That somehow these people could and would never stand and do it for themselves!

Our objective first, was to go into Iraq and rid it of WMD. *cough* okay.. well that was easy, they weren't there to begin with evidently. Second, remove Saddam from power and topple his regime. Check and done. Third, help the Nation of Iraq to establish its own free government and ruling offices. Check and done. So ultimately I think there are many Americans that are now sitting back and saying..."What more then is it that we are giving our sons and daughter to?" These people have a government installed, they have a Constitution, Saddam is gone and there are no threats of WMD. Now, would someone remind us why we are STILL THERE???

Further, in your article you suggest that should America pull out of Iraq they would instantly fall to terrorists and become unstable. By this argument, the case is made for FOREVER remaining in Iraq because this is not an indictment of their capability but of their inherent national ability, their own national heart and spirit. The Nation of Iraq will stand or fall of its own accord based upon the desire of the people to maintain what has been accomplished there thus far. Just how long is it that Big Brother America is to hold this nation's hand and do for them what they should be doing for themselves?

Nothing is gained by the Iraqi people in the way of national Sovereignty if we continue to do everything for them. It is often said that what we do not WORK FOR, we do not appreciate. Then let them work for it. Yes, yes...I can already hear people saying "But they are! Under our guidance and military power (etc., ad nauseum)." Folks, if that is true then babies should never learn to walk unless momma or daddy constantly holds their hand and do not allow them the occasional bump or bruise of learning in the process!

As far as I can see it we are still in Iraq for one reason primarily. The reason is not to protect Iraq from falling but to protect our own interests there.
If the notion is that we must occupy a nation that is in danger of terrorist activity then by all means America should be invading every single country around the world! Yet, we are not.

While you are a military man, you do not speak for all of the military. What Rep. Murtha has said I have heard with my own ears from more then one military man that has been stationed in that cesspool of a war. You do not feel demoralized and for that I am truly glad... but believe you me, for every one of you that is not, there are some that are. Murtha spoke to the reality that we do not like to face in this nation at this time-- abroad in the world and especially in Iraq and Afghanistan there are numerous demoralized military personnel that just want to be home. They want to be protecting and defending their own wives, husbands, children from the onslaught of financial ruin and simple day to day trials and tribulations. They want to sing "I'll be home for Christmas" and not cry their eyes out with longing for their OWN HOMELAND.

I heard what Rep. Murtha said, from a different place then Zaphriel did. I heard the voice of a man that served in more then one war, saw the violence, bloodshed and chaos. I heard the voice of a man that knows what is lubing the political war machine right now. I saw the face of a father, a grandfather longing to have their children home safe and sound once again.

Consider this much: When we gained our Independence... who helped us? It wasn't the nation of Iraq.. It wasn't France, Germany, England, Korea, China.. NO. We stood alone based on the heart of the Independence Freedom fighters and the belief that if we wanted it bad enough we could secure it. We could defend it. We could forge it.

It's time that Iraq learned these same lessons. If they want freedom then let them stand for it, fight for it, die for it, secure it, defend it, forge it. Nations will rise and fall and the world shall never be secure from it. We cannot make it so by the loss of yet more and more lives in a War that just may never end. Let them stand and show the world that they are proud, free, brave and true in the nation of Iraq--because if they are not that yet-- they may never be. Only time will show.

So THANK YOU Rep. Murtha for speaking what you did, on behalf of those of us that feel our military has done all that it set out to do and its time to come home at long last.

Nariel - Ancient Eyes for Current Times

I absolutely agree with Zaph. What is demoralizing as a troop is to hear lawmakers back home talking about pulling out of a war when the job isn't finished. Our troops are out there for a reason, and that is to bring liberation and freedom to an oppressed people. Don't tell me we are puppets in an war for oil, because even if that were true, it isn't the reason the troops are doing what they are. The troops are out there risking their life, and putting their all into this war because of a heartfelt belief in freedom.

We are making great progress in this war, despite what the talking heads will try to spin you. To be asked to drop the ball, and cut and run when we have made so many victories is not only idiotic, and disastrous, it is spit in the face of our soldiers, and a cowardly insult to the Iraqi people.

In a short period of time since we defeated Saddam's murderous thug government, the Iraqi people have participated and tasted democracy. To leave them surrounded by such a dangerous environment of suicide bombers daily would be a huge mistake.

Think how long it took us to obtain freedom from England. Think about how long it took our democracy to develop, its still developing. It seems to me that the kool aid keeps getting stronger and stronger for the democrats. They try to rewrite history, and say that Bush lied to get us in this war, when they all voted for the same actions. I'm tired of these democrats comparing this war to Viet Nam, and trying to garner political advantage of mourning parents. The Cindy Sheehan crowd is completely in the fringe element of this country, and the left are being viewed as anti-patriotic slimeballs.

The proposition to pull troops out immediately was completely idiotic, and I'm glad the GOP called the Dem's bluff on it. This isn't something we should be playing political games with.

Jay - Stop the ACLU

Two statements a generation apart:

We were not strong enough to drive out a half-million American troops, but that wasn't our aim. Our intention was to break the will of the American government to continue the war.

And this:

The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam-and how they ran and left their agents-is noteworthy. Because of that, we must be ready starting now, before events overtake us, and before we are surprised by the conspiracies of the Americans and the United Nations and their plans to fill the void behind them. We must take the initiative and impose a fait accompli upon our enemies, instead of the enemy imposing one on us, wherein our lot would be to merely resist their schemes.
The first is from an interview by the North Vietnamese General Giap to Stanley Karnow in his epic on the war: Vietnam: A History. The second is from Aman al-Zawahiri to Zarqawi in Iraq. It is clear that Al-Qaeda has learned the lessons of Vietnam. It is a continuing horror to me that the Left in this nation has not learned the lessons, but instead wish to repeat history by abandoning an ally we have sworn to defend.

It is not my purpose to rehash the reasons we are there, or whether our being in Iraq is "legal" or not. We ARE there. We are fighting the war on terrorism in Iraq. To pull out now, or even a year from now if the Iraqis still need us would be utter disaster for this nation.

We have lost perspective on war, perhaps because its been 60 years since we fought a global, total war. Yet, make no mistake. We are in a total war, requiring victory. The Islamo-Fascists who confront us are every bit as evil as the Nazis or the Communists before them. And, based on their own statements over the past decade, they are hell-bent on the destruction of the United States and its allies.

The real lessons of Vietnam must be learned. One who clearly learned those lessons was Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX). Last Friday night, he was the last speaker in the raucous debate on the House floor. Here are his final words:
However, sadly - some here want to embolden the enemy by saying we just cut and run. That's just irresponsible and unconscionable.

"I have to ask - What would Iraq be like if the United States pulled out -- allowing dangerous people like the head of al-Qaida, Zarqawi, to run the country? What would that mean for the region? The world?

"Al Qaida rules with death, fear, terror and blood. Al Qaida takes innocent people hostage - then beheads them - and then brags about it on the internet.

"Al Qaida has no respect for human life. They prey on innocent people to do their dirty work - because they know we don't target schools and hospitals and mosques - yet those are the exact places that they're using for safe cover.

"Al Qaida will kidnap loved ones - especially very young children - of people trying to build democracy - like local leaders - to scare them out of helping out the new country. They're taking kids hostage - because parents want a new life and a better future for their children. Why is that such a crime?

"What part of Al Qaida do you want operating here in America?

"Al Qaida is a world-wide organization and world-wide threat. I don't want any part of this. Americans don't want, need or deserve al Qaida. Our troops are over in Iraq fighting not just for our freedom and protection - but freedom for the world.

"We must fight the bad guys over there - not over here. WE must support our troops to the hilt so they don't go to bed at night - covered in talcum-powder thin white sand wondering - "Does America really support me."

"In case people have forgotten, this is the same thing that happened in Vietnam. Peaceniks and people in Congress - and America - started saying bad things about what was going on over there. Let me tell you what it did for troop morale. It's a real downer. I just pray our troops and their families can block this noise out and know that I will fight like mad to make sure our troops have everything they need - for as long as they need - to win the global war on terrorism.

"Withdrawal is not an option!

"I hope and pray every Member of Congress stands up and says to our troops 'THANK YOU' and 'AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU.' To them I say, God bless you and I salute you.
The approach the terrorists have chosen is the same as General Giap a generation ago. Hang on, cause death and destruction, and Americans will pull out. So far, the Left in this nation is following the same game plan in calling for a pull out. This time the stakes are far higher. Pulling out of Vietnam caused millions of deaths, but those deaths were across the Pacific, so the Left could conveniently ignore them. This time, should we bow to the fear and intimidation of terrorists, the deaths will be here, in our business centers, our malls, our schools, and our churches. The main front for World War IV has moved from Ground Zero in New York City to Iraq. Should the Left, and Al-Qaeda, win this debate, the front will return to this nation. We cannot afford to allow that to happen.

Mark - Liberty Just In Case
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