Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And Now... For Your Viewing Pleasure…
Who Controls the Media

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I’ve noticed that in the course of my 32 years of movie and television viewing, that things have greatly changed from the way they used to be. The old innuendos of yesterday’s TV shows and movies have been replaced by pretty graphic language, nudity and sexuality that leaves very little to the imagination.

There have been for some time now, raised voices asking the following questions:
Have movie and television producers and writers gone too far?
Are the ratings reflecting the viewing audiences level of acceptability?
Do we need more culpability in this arena?

The March 28 copy of TIME magazine said as much with its cover story:

“Has TV Gone Too Far?”

Parent’s Television Council believes that it has. They also quote a Poll of TIME Magazine that said:

53 percent of respondents said that they think the FCC should place stricter controls on broadcast-channel shows depicting sex and violence. 68 percent believe the entertainment industry has lost touch with viewers' moral standards. 66 percent said there is too much violence on open-air TV, 58 percent said too much cursing and 50 percent said there is too much sexual content on TV. 49 percent say FCC regulation should be extended to cover basic cable. -source

Now, here are my thoughts:

First, when going to the movies we are told at the door what the rating of the movie is. We have a choice. Do we want to see that? Can our children handle that?
It takes being conscientious and keeping up to date on what is permissible in each of the ratings schedules. Do we need the FCC and other agencies of the Government to tell us what is “morally proper”? NO. I am an adult and full well capable of making that decision for myself. It is up to the theatre to card the individuals that are attempting to gain admission to movies that are PG-13 and R and even X.

Second, what is acceptable and proper on broadcast TV is for the majority of viewers. If parents are offended by what they find there, it is their duty as parents to TURN IT OFF, OR CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Third, Cable TV is a paid subscriber service and as such those that pay for it should be able to have a wide spectrum of viewing available. If there are those who are easily offended by “Over There”, “Nip and Tuck” “Lost” or “Medium” here is a piece of advice: DON’T WATCH THEM.

The LAST thing we need in this country is for people to dictate what we may watch on Television. That is the great thing about the POWER button, you can turn it off as easily as on.

Nariel - Ancient Eyes for Current Times

There was a new technology sweeping the world, and most especially the United States. It allowed common people access to information, entertainment, and opinions in ways no one dreamed possible. New sources were popping up daily, and the market for devices to receive and send the information was rapidly rising to the millions of dollars.

Sounds like the internet, right? But the time was the 1930's, and the new medium was radio, and soon it's more precocious cousin, television.

Government can't stand new forms of communication they can't control. And the Roosevelt administration, staffed by avowed socialists, most assuredly could not allow such a medium to block their agenda. So, in 1934, they pushed through a department that is with us to this day, creating The Federal Communications Commission in the bargain. The Roosevelt Administration in true socialist fashion, declared the government "owned" the airwaves. They decided that they, and only they, had the wisdom to bring order to "the chaos" of so many stations stepping all over each other.

And in establishing "decency" standards, they took responsibility that should belong to The People, and put it in the hands of The Government. But, then, that's what the Domestic side of the Roosevelt Administration did best, time and time again.

I always get worried when I find myself agreeing too much with Nariel. It forces me to think through the argument again and again. But this time she is dead on. The marketplace will determine what gets put on TV, and when. The FCC, that relic of last century, has no place on today's information highway. They can't lead, they can't follow, and really should get out of the way.

Mark - Liberty Just In Case

In a political discussion forum, one can find themselves in no better, and no worse position than agreeing with your opponents. I wish in this case I had something profound to say, something that Nariel had not covered already, but I think her point is valid and I actually agree with her whole heartedly.

We as a whole are responsible for what is on the TV today, and we are the ones that control it. I have beaten desks and jumped up and down when arguing this very point to my contemporaries. IF you don't like what is on, don't watch it.

Guess what? if enough people also don't like it, it will go away. Enough Said. Great post Nariel.

Zaphriel - Birth of a Neocon
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