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A Long and Winding Post ...

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A Discussion about our Two Party System

Irritated and Dissatisfied...

I have been feeling very disgruntled lately (was I ever gruntled?) and it has causes me to be both introspective and outwardly explorative. Ever since Katrina and the events (both related and unrelated) that occurred around that time, I have felt uneasy. My instincts have been screaming, “Something is wrong here”.

There have been some obvious reasons for this, but most of them I can see and would normally ease my tension a bit. However I have still been very pensive. I’m watching as the country I love becomes more and more divided. A natural tragedy, or any tragedy for that matter usually tends to pull us together, but somehow amidst the fervent Anti-Military protests, and concerted efforts to drive a wedge between people in this country, we are spreading further and further apart.

When did we become a blame first society? When did it become OK to blame America first? When did personal responsibility become passé? Or better yet, why?

There is a trend I have been noticing lately, over the past few years, that I find somewhat disturbing. I personally know of former Hippies, fine classic liberals that have become so disenfranchised by the Democratic Party that they simply redefined themselves, and allied their loyalties to their former adversaries. Their views didn’t change that much mind you, but the people they so formerly aligned themselves with continued to drift, or rather sail full steam, away from the moderate left to the loony communist fringe. When and why did this both become not just acceptable, but even mildly popular?

Why now, when we need it the least does it seem that this type of lunacy is gaining momentum? How does a single woman using a thin veil of grief get so much attention, when she is outnumbered several times over by similarly grieving mothers who feel exactly opposite?

After a bit of reflection, I have come up with a few things to consider. First, one blaring item that I see is that the Far left is being well financed, and well orchestrated, better I think than the much-vilified Karl Rove could have.

Second, I think in times of crisis, people want to place the blame as far from themselves as possible, it comforts them. In this case, doing so meant placing the blame furthest from its source, which the aforementioned orchestrators took complete advantage of by manipulating a willing cohort in the MSM.

Third, and this one is going to sting a little, the party that supposedly caters to a conservative base, has lost sight of what that base wants from it’s government.

Conservatives are generally for a smaller government that spends less. This has not been happening for a myriad of reasons, many out of the control of those being blamed for it.

Conservatives tend to be for Law and Order. The recent indictments and investigations, whether true or false in their focus, are eroding confidence in the party. I personally am most disturbed by this one. If any of these allegations are true, shame on them, and please step aside for the good of not just the party, but also the country. If these allegations are false I say the exact same to those who would allege these things for political gain.

Does no-one see the unity and strength of this country as being more important than partisan politics, or are these individuals so confident in our superiority that they think that they cannot possibly permanently damage the country by getting their own way at any cost. Worse, do they even care?

Forth and this is most crucial, Conservatives tend to be Pro-Troop and Pro-Victory, and I myself have been frustrated at the lackadaisical attitude that both our country's very vocal minority and our leadership has had towards these conflicts. Unlike the loony left, I have often wondered behind closed doors why we have not committed MORE troops, materials, and effort towards victory? Why have we been allowing the PC police and public opinion run this war? Any war that is run by public opinion, or by political forces is doomed to fail. Failure here my friend, given the current situation, is a very real possibility, if things don’t change soon. Does this mean we should just give up? HELL NO. Much like marital coitus, pulling out prematurely just leaves you with a bigger mess. Such action is counter-productive and absolutely defeats the purpose.

I am disturbed by these questions. Why have the leftists become so loony? Why has the Republican Party somewhat lost sight of true conservatism? And most of all, why have the only two viable parties available lost touch with the reality that the rest of us live in? Why are so many people willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater?

These are all questions that should disturb all of you, lefty and righty alike.

Tell me am I the only one here? Is it just me? Or am I loosing sleep for no reason?

Zaphriel - Zaphriel's Blog

Amen to your rant Zaph. There is a problem with society and its dependent, entitlement mentality. I fear its too late to fix it sometimes. But we should diligently try.

First of all the far left have captured the democratic party completely, and they have completely drifted to the outer realms of what America is about into a socialist system. We are looking more and more like Canada each day.

But the right isn't pristine either. Take a look at our border problem and see that. The world is dividing and people are choosing sides. What America needs is a legitimate third party. A centrist party that cares about the border, will restrict abortion to a rarity, will reform the prison system so innocent people don't end up on death row, will fix the welfare system so it only provides temporary relief and doesn't become a crutch. Will that ever arise? Well, the people do have the power....but most are too busy saying what they are entitled to to care.

Jay - Stop the ACLU

While you see that the country is more and more divided in the days since Katrina, I do not. I saw the country itself bandy together such as has not been seen since 2001-- people have given, helped, shared, opened their homes, their resources to help those in the wake of not only Katrina but Rita as well.

Perhaps what you refer to is that division between the Government and the People... ahh that is a real division I think...getting bigger by the day.

The Anti War protests do go on (contrary to the term--Anti Military which they are not). Yes, there are others that want you to believe they are Anti-Military but they're not. If you don't believe me, go to one and ask the people if they hate the military men and women?
Go ahead... ask em! Really HEAR their answer

I find it interesting that in a "when did we become a blame first society"--that we open in the second paragraph with this comment:

"...Somehow amidst the fervent Anti-Military protests and concerted efforts to drive a wedge between people in this country..."

Well, there is an example of Spin and Blaming right there. Yes, we are all biased to a degree, but to keep saying something that is simply not true will not make it true.

"Hell is Repitition.” So said Andre Linoge in Stephen King's "Storm of the Century". It was an interesting tale of a whole village that had to choose if it would give up one of its own to save them all. On Little Tall Island everyone has their secrets. Seems so nice and tidy for the most part, yet beneath the pretty picture ... things are not so pretty at all. Linoge comes in because "People on the Island can keep a secret". Yes... there are some pretty interesting parallels that could be drawn, if I stopped and thought about it more.

So, I must admit from the first toss of "blame" in this article, I found it rather hard to follow after that. For the article was going against something that it OPENED by doing!

The author asks when did it become okay to blame America first?

Well, it is often said that great Shadows begin within us--that because we cannot face them they become a Group Shadow that winds its way from person to person to person. So as I see it if we are going to ask a question of blame, we must first ask the question: "When did I become a person (or a Nation) that refuses to look at my/its own Shadows?" Often times, through a process of deflection, we blame the larger group, rather than boiling things down to their smallest components first, then turning that to the larger group issue.

If we truly want to know when we came to be a "blaming society", we must look at when did *I* become a blaming individual? What precipitated it? What surrounded it? What is fueling it now? If everyone could do that... then we can see our own personal issues are indeed part of the larger problem. As we deal with the issues, they stop feeding the larger pool and one by one, the problem begins to dissipate.

While the author looks to many of the individual issues of the Nation at this time, I don't feel we are looking at the larger and smaller ones that are feeding it.
When the Nation is perpetrating wrongs both here and abroad in the world, it is quite easy to cast blame. But what are *WE* doing that is feeding that shadow of blame? Do we blame people in our families, our towns, our cities and our states for things that are going wrong? Then *WE* are part of the problem, not the solution.
For example, I re-read this article through this understanding:

When did I begin blaming society first?
Do I categorize others by names? Hippies, Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Moderate left, Loony Communists?
Do I believe that people have flipflopped and aligned with former adversaries? Do I believe they were ever really adversaries at all?
When did I begin to do this?
Why does it make me so uncomfortable to consider these things?
Why does a single grieving woman bother me so?
Why do I respond with anger, rather than compassion?
Why do I namecall?

Question such as these begin to show patterns within us as people, that allows this larger Group Shadow of Blaming to infiltrate Society and become a part of the fabric of our National Life today.

"Hell is Repetition"
"Hell is Repetition"
"Hell is Repetition"
We all have our secrets and we know how to keep them. And while we keep them, we cast the blame off onto others and look outside of ourselves for the "reasons" and "causes" rather than to look within to find where they are well rooted inside of us and merely trickling out now.

It’s alot like those levees in New Orleans. We can only handle so much water. If the shoring is not good, eventually we'll break and it will first trickle and leak then *BOOM* and it all comes rushing in. That is what is happening now-- and believe it or not-- we are not even at the flood stage yet of all of this! Right now, we only have breaches in the levees of our nation. They are oozing, trickling, little by little. Eventually if we don't fix the levees of our emotion, issues, disparities and problems-- it is a guarantee, the levees will break and flood the Society with more emotion, issues, disparities and problems then what we can even begin to imagine at this time. What Zaph says is making him "uncomfortable" right now, is not going to go away by merely turning and pointing at it. It’s going to take some solid work to turn back the weight of it all. It’s going to take people crossing the partisan lines to grab the sand bags and work together. It’s going to take the realization that we are not as divided as we would like to believe that we are. And yes, we do like to believe that because it allows us to be egocentric—that we are all something bigger then what we really are. It’s going to take the great philosophers of our time to reconstruct the whole system. It’s going to take all the people we are so busy name calling to help to do the work. Perhaps, we better quit name-calling and dividing into camps are come to the conclusion that if we don’t stand together, we will most certainly fall together.

Nariel - Ancient Eyes for Current Times


Zaphriel feels irritated about the increasing marginalization of the sane in the Democratic party, and the gradual renunciation of the values of property rights and voluntary cooperation the Republican party has stood for. To him, the sight of one political party losing its mind, and the other party offering little more than a slower spin into insanity, is a fearful prospect.

I see a silver lining in this. What is the core principle of social organization the Democratic party represents? Is it not the forcible organization of society through government force according to the plans of one or a few men? Is it not the use of force to achieve equality in results, artificial brotherhood, and the destruction of those entrepreneurs who fuel the technological innovation that keeps us from descending to the Dark Ages? Does it not rest upon the principle that government is superior to men in wisdom, morality, and foresight, capable of the greatest good and only occasionally making mistakes?

What is that which is destroying the Republican party? Is it not the acceptance in part of this principle of social organization? Is it not the renunciation of the long-held belief in the sanctity of voluntary cooperation among men for the pursuit of profit? Is it not the granting of moral legitimacy to those who idolize Che Guevara and Mao?

The Democratic party is proper heir to the Tories of old, who for centuries declared man incompetent to rule himself and destined to destruction, and have in that time proposed innumerable measures to, in the name of the greater good, increase scarcity, reduce employment, increase the obstacles men face in satisfying their wants. In the name of progress they have enacted legislation which destroys the only thing sustaining the lives of the five billion humans who would not be alive if it were not for capital accumulation. In the name of conservation, they have every decade since 1700 screamed about the imminent end of the supplies of wood, coal, and petroleum, respectively. They have sought Utopia in the government, and recoil when in every case it leads to starved peasants grazing hills for earthworms and grass.

The Republican party is proper heir to the Whigs. They once upheld the harmony of the rightly-understood self-interests of all men and the deadly futility of all attempts to turn men's self-interests into the pursuit of coercive gain, the repugnance of all forms of government-enabled privilege and slavery, the importance of a morality of self-reliance to sustain the bonds of social cooperation, the supremacy of the individual's decisions regarding his life over that of the government, the necessity of property rights for the continued existence of any society beyond perpetual starvation and famine, the decentralization of power among local politicians who are easier to communicate with and hang from a lamp-pole if need be, and the justice of toppling monarchs.

For the first time in decades, it is again clear which political ideology is on the side of civilization, and which is on the side of barbarism. It is no coincidence that those who once supported Che Guevara, now yearn for the victory of the "freedom fighters" and the destruction of Israel in a United Palestine. It is no coincidence that those who embrace forced equality of the sexes, are among the loudest supporters of barbarians who without a moment's notice would stone them to death for immodesty. When gays hold parades against a nation which respects the rights of homosexuals, and for a nation which stones them in public squares, it should not be difficult to discern which political beliefs they hold.

It is now easier than ever to observe the disparate results of each political belief. A casual acquaintance with the history of the 20th century is enough to discern which political belief leads to the guillotine and which leads to the iPod. Where Zaphriel sees disintegration of society, I see an opportunity for men to once again recognize that freedom is the only source of peace and prosperity. For the sake of humanity, I hope this lesson is learned soon. For many, it got clear enough on 9/11.

Tom - Hamster Motor I have been absent for a couple of months, but I have no real complaints as my absence has been due to the success of my ongoing business endeavors and the greatly increased work load that success is bringing. Also other than being quite hot and humid, Hong Kong is a fascinating place and a good many of the people I deal with in mainland China are as adamantly anti-Communist as I am.

I am still just as busy, but I thought I should put my two cents worth in on this week's Balance of Power post concerning the current political state of our country. There is no doubt that our country is in a rather ugly place, politically speaking, these days.

Back in June, I presented my readers with a question: Do you think it is possible that one or both major political parties could fracture in the next 10 years with the result being a new political party or major movement into an existing third party? At that time, it seemed inevitable to me that the Democratic party would fracture. Since then, I have seen nothing to change my mind. The far left, even after much evidence to the contrary, seems determined that they need to move further to left in order to be successful. Over at Kos and other far left sites, full fledged war has been declared on the moderate DLC.

They are determined to keep the country in an extended state of strife, no matter what that takes. Apparently through their rose colored glasses, this is what the country needs and even wants.

Two months ago it looked as if the Republicans were in a better position, but even then, I warned that a fight was coming. After their long exile from legislative power, the GOP regained power by putting forth the Contract with America. Well I am here to tell you that they are in complete default with the terms of that contract and a large portion of the Republican party is now figuring that out.

With both parties undergoing major turmoil, it is not surprising that they would seek to obfuscate this inner fighting with increased partisan attacks on the other party. What is the citizenry of this country to do when the Democrats have become become so farcical and devoid of rational ideas that they appear almost as a parody of themselves and the Republicans have completely dropped any facade that their goal is to reduce the scope of government rather than to remain in power?

Most other democracies in the world don't just have two major parties, but several smaller parties each of which is unable to get a majority on its own. They form coalitions with other parties that share some basic principles in order to form a controlling government. In many ways, that is what we have as well, but the differing factions first align under the umbrellas of the two major parties. Internal bickering is then settled in house. However, as of late, it is becoming apparent that these factions often has as much in different as they have in common and internal dirty laundry is spilling out for the whole country to smell (and believe me, it is not a pleasant smell).

I don't see the internal problems of the parties going away any time soon, so I doubt that the country will find any type of political peace soon. The more the parties fracture internally, the more they will strike out externally and the more divided the country as a whole will become.

Liberty Dog - One Billion Red Chinese and a Dog Named Liberty
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